A Personal Update

Hello from Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria! A few months ago I accepted a position teaching Business Ethics at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), and since that time I have barely had a moment to breathe. I moved my things into storage in New Jersey, traveled once to Philadelphia and twice to New York City for various parts of the visa issuance process, and then just this week settled into a lovely apartment that is literally a three minute walk from the classroom where I will be teaching.

A year ago I never would have predicted the faintest possibility that I would take a job anywhere overseas. But when the opportunity came along, I tried to set aside my preconceptions, and now that I am here I am sure I made a wise choice. I am excited about the fact that for the first time I will be teaching at a small liberal arts university, one where my discussion-centered teaching style will not be perceived as strange and where there is a much closer community, both in physical proximity and in spirit, than I have thus far been accustomed to.

My blog has been on hold not just because of my being preoccupied by everything associated with the move, but also because I needed to reflect on how it would fit into my life here at AUBG. I’ve now had an opportunity to do that. I expect I will have a lot more to say about business and ethics, going forward, since I will be immersed in business ethics for my teaching. But with that subtle shift aside, I’ve concluded that I will pick up the blog precisely where I left off. This blog is my opportunity to use my philosophical toolkit, and I hope portions of my fiction writing, to illuminate important issues for non-specialists and non-philosophers. And I intend to continue doing just that.

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